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Dear Friend,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My name is John Lukyamuzi. I am a Pastor, Missionary, Teacher, and Evangelist orginially from Uganda , Africa .

          God spared my life in one of the most recent and horrible persecutions in all of church history.

          God is using His grace in my life to stir a fresh commitment to prayer, faithfulness, and missionary zeal among his people.


His testimony of the largeness of God's power to deliver and save in Uganda will challenge any congregation and give him a vision of God's work around the world and especially in Uganda . To meet John is to love him. He has a sweet spirit that will immediately draw them to you. John has a great depth in God's Word as well as a beautiful ministry around the altar. It would be to your advantage to have this ministry in your church.

            David Eisfelder, Pastor of the Spokane Foursquare Gospel Church, Spokane, WA


I whole-heartedly commend to you a dear brother as much beloved by our church family. As he spoke, Jesus was lifted up and the Spirit of God used this man of God to challenge our people's spiritual ease and our cultural "churchianity".

Robert Rorabaugh, Pastor of the Seahurst Baptist Church, Seattle, WA


In Uganda, he first served the Lord as Secretary to the Bible Union, an organization related to the Anglican Church dedicated to establish Bible Study and Prayer Groups among students in the secondary schools. Later he became an Evangelist not related to any denomination. He has learned both in Uganda and in this country to live by faith. He gives a stirring witness and wise counsel in the spiritual life.

            Henry F. Seaman, Vicar of the Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal, Federal Way, WA.


It was a real joy and blessing to have you and your family share with us recently. The church was truly blessed and helped. Your ministry of the gospel in a cross-cultural sharing will help people to become world-Christians and less ingrown and provincial.

            Curtis Jennings, Pastor of the First Covenant Church, Bremerton, WA


It is good to hear about God working in Uganda from citizens of the country. Thank you so much for speaking at Green River Christian School Chapel. Our students expressed a deep interest in your message and testimonies.

        Bill Safstrom, Principal of the Green River Christian School of Auburn, WA  


Because of having come through the furnace of affliction, these two are greatly used of God in their witness for Him to those who are undergoing any sort of affliction. They were instrumental in reconciling a broken marriage and many received deliverances from bad habits and healing manifestations took place.

            Joyce Bennett, President of Central Area Women's Aglow Fellowship, Seattle, WA


His testimony of God's delivering power during Idi Amin's rule in Uganda is faith building. It will strengthen all who hear and encourage them to follow Jesus regardless of the tests. He is bold to minister to people for salvation, healing, and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. He is sincere, and will bless all who hear his stirring testimony.

            Don Ostrom, International Director, Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International.


John Lukyamuzi ministered to our congregation and was truly a blessing to our people. The Lord spoke through him and people received Christ into their lives as a result. His ministry is one that builds faith and makes one examine himself in the light of God's Word.

        R. Scott Montagne, Pastor of Bayside Community Church, Assemblies of God, Kingston, WA


I am pleased to share my enthusiasm for the ministry of John Lukyamuzi with you. It is a rare privilege to hear first hand of the miracles God gives to His children in the face of persecution. They have ministered in our church several times and have made a lasting impression on our fellowship. He is sensitive to the needs of various denominations and congregations. I think a presentation by the Lukyamuzi family would be an asset to any church.

Sandy Anderson, D.C.E. of the Resurrection Lutheran Church, Seattle, WA


Thank you so much for your spirit-led public ministry Sunday night. You were such a blessing to us. If you could only have known how your message complemented what I preached on in the morning, you would see again God's Hand in this. So we believe that the Lord sent you to us for this time and we are deeply grateful. Your ministry is clear and so beautifully out of the Word of God.

            Robert C. Wheatley, Ph.D., Minister of the Boulevard Presbyterian Church,. Seattle, WA


I experienced a hearing loss and sought medical help. There seemed to be a block in my ear causing the inside of my head to vibrate like a drum. John prayed for me. The next morning I awoke and

my ear had been healed!! Music, the birds, and talking all became clear and distinct. Praise the Lord!!

        Anita Hosey, Yuma, Arizona

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